Likapal is a unique coating system. It was developed for the long-term protection of buildings and works of art in the infrastructure.

Likapal is applied in new buildings and renovations of dwellings and office premises. Decrepit buildings regain a stylish appearance.
With Likapal old, run-down buildings undergo a genuine metamorphosis.

Sound barriers defaced by graffiti, tunnels, viaducts and (metro) stations will be as good as new thanks to Likapal.


Likapal is not only available in transparent, but also in all RAL colours: from matt to high gloss. Likapal is colourfast and UV resistant.


Under the most extreme circumstance Likapal proves its value: atmospheric pollution, acids, alkalis, road salts and even graffiti do not stand a chance.


Likapal has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The system offers better protection than conventional systems. The projects treated last considerably better, thanks to its smooth structure and antistatic and water-repellent properties.
Moreover, the Likapal system is vapour-permeable. Because of this, the walls treated can get rid of excessive moisture and thus stay in optimal form.
All this makes Likapal the most durable coating system.


Likapal is the only system that can be cleaned unlimited times, without a new protective layer being required.
Removing graffiti is easy and simple without the use of high pressure. Unlike with other systems, the surface is not damaged.

After a few frantic attempts, the graffiti artist will become disillusioned and discouraged and admit that he or she cannot beat the Likapal system: graffiti is removed much simpler and quicker than it can be sprayed.



Likapal Anti Graffiti System is a product of Gevel Holland Protection B.V. From the company’s foundation 37 years ago, Gevel Holland Protection has developed to become the specialist in the protection of concrete and masonry. From drawing table to completion Gevel Holland Protection is your partner in achieving the best result.

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